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Sam Raimi is interested in directing a future 'Batman' movie


Innovating the superhero movie with the release of Spider-Man back in 2002, Sam Raimi could, in many ways, be considered the godfather of the modern subgenre of franchise filmmaking. 

20 years later, Raimi is lined up to direct Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, the latest film in the ever more complex world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Though once the director is done with the release of the forthcoming film, it seems as though he wants to work with an entirely different caped crusader. 

“I’ve always loved Batman. If I ever saw the Batsignal up in the air, I’d come running,” Raimi recently told Empire, revealing his love for the popular DC character who only recently appeared in The Batman, portrayed by Robert Pattinson. 

The Dark Knight isn’t the only hero on Raimi’s wishlist either, adding, “If I heard that deep, gurgling laugh of The Shadow coming from the darkness, I would also tentatively step outside. And Spider-Man would be ahead of Doctor Strange, but I don’t want to put him down the list!”. 

Creating one of the first and best superhero trilogies, Raimi heralded a new era for superhero films with his Spider-Man trilogy that was recently paid homage in the latest MCU film, Spider-Man: No Way Home. “Honoured” to be recognised in the modern history of the character, Raimi explained, “It’s like someone said, ‘You know your old friends that have passed away? We’ve found a way to bring them back for a brief time.’ Almost as good as having the power of the sun in the palm of your hand, eh?”. 

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Patrick Stewart, Elizabeth Olsen, Bruce Campbell and Rachel McAdams, and is released on May 5th 2022, in the UK and one day later in the US.