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Sam Fender shares new single 'Spit Of You'

Sam Fender - 'Spit Of You'

Sam Fender has shared his sentimental new track, ‘Spit Of You’, which addresses his relationship with his father.

Fender is gearing up to release his second album, Seventeen Going Under, on October 8th, and it’s the first melancholy track offered up so far from the highly-anticipated record. Like its predecessors, ‘Get You Down’, and the titular number, it’s another piece of introspective writing from the North Shields native.

The track’s tempo is vastly slower than anything else he’s released of late, which elevates Fender’s heartbreaking words to the forefront as he agonisingly sings, “I can talk to anyone, can’t talk to you,” with a textured pain in his voice.

“‘Spit Of You’ is a song about boys and their dads,” Fender commented. “It’s based around my own relationship with my old man, and how we both struggle as blokes to communicate the way we feel to each other without it becoming a stand off.”

Adding” “It’s about how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as I get further into my 20s, I see so much of myself in him, especially when it comes to being stubborn. The second half of the song talks about seeing him with my grandma when she passed away, and how I saw him as a son, and how that moment reminded me to make the most of my time with him. If anything, it’s a declaration of love for him.”

‘Spit Of You’ is a deeply personal song about a flawed relationship between father and son. Despite not being idyllic, the new song recognises their similarities rather than highlighting their differences, even if the traits they share are less than desirable ones. 

Seventeen Going Under is shaping up to be one of 2021’s most exciting releases still to drop. While Fender hasn’t reinvented himself from his Hypersonic Missiles era, his emotive songwriting continues to intoxicate on ‘Spit Of You’, and his storytelling capabilities showcase a rare talent.