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Sam Fender says the British public were "groomed to hate" Jeremy Corbyn

Geordie rock hero, Sam Fender, has spoken out in defence of the former Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Discussing all things politics in a new interview with The Big IssueFender heavily criticised Boris Johnson’s current Conservative government. 

The ‘Seventeen Going Under’ mastermind discussed key facets of the former Labour party leader’s plans, and many of the failings of the Johnson government. Fender didn’t stop there either, claiming that a lot of people who he would have “potentially helped” Corbyn’s cause were “groomed to hate him”.

Pulling no punches, Fender hit out at Johnson and his government, labelling it the worst “in my lifetime”. Elsewhere, Fender promised to take more action to combat poverty. He opined: “I think I need to do some more stuff to do with this. Because the Tories aren’t doing it.”

Adding: “We’ve got the worst government I’ve ever seen, in my lifetime. My dad reckons it’s one of the worst he’s ever seen. And he’s sixty-fucking-six”.

Unsurprisingly, in the interview, the 27-year-old described himself as staunchly left-wing, and criticised the media for their horrific treatment of Corbyn during his Labour Premiership from 2015 to 2020. “I loved Corbyn, quite frankly,” he explained. “I mean, he fucked up a lot of things. But I think his heart was in the right place and that’s something that we’ve not seen for a long time.”

Fender continued: “I just think he was done a massive disservice by the British press. And I think a lot of people who he would have potentially helped, were groomed to hate him.” Fender argued. “The Tory party knew exactly what they were doing when it comes to turning him into a fucking enemy.”

I don’t think anyone’s surprised by Fender’s comments. The musician has always been a political songwriter, much like a blend of Billy Bragg and Bruce Springsteen. His thoughts on the current Conservative government were made plainly clear when he announced his upcoming Finsbury Park shows late last year, with the poster featuring a cartoon Boris Johnson as a pig on a spit roast. 

Listen to ‘Seventeen Going Under’ below.