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Credit: Enrico Frangi


The isolated bass and drum track of Neil Peart and Geddy Lee show Rush's rocking rhythm section


We simply cannot find enough superlatives to tell you about the unstoppable rhythm section in Rush, AKA Neil Peart and Geddy Lee on drums and bass respectively. So instead, we thought we’d bring you the isolated drum and bass track to Rush’s song ‘Digital Man’ as all the proof we’ll ever need.

Arguably one of the greatest prog-rock acts of all time Rush’s fame has shot up over recent years as new generations find the band’s deeply rooted back catalogue and begin to chip away. But while 1982’s Singlas may not necessarily be the greatest Rush album of all time, it does give us a staunch reminder of the talent the group possessed.

Alex Lifeson on guitar, Geddy Lee on bass and Neil Peart on drums is quite the combination. Experts in their field when the group were put together they were able to sound like a full-piece orchestra, such was the monstrous mass of their sonic structures. But while Lifeson’s performances are unparalleled, it is Rush’s rhythm section from which the band builds.

Geddy Lee is one of the finest bassists of all time and has never been afraid to share his secret; melody. “One common denominator for me [when picking his favourite bassists] was always the ability to play melodically, and to enhance the song on a subterranean level,” he said.

“So I’ve always gravitated towards bass players that not only locked in with the rhythm section and helped moved the song, but also added some other level of musical interest that may not be as obvious. Usually, that comes out on secondary, tertiary and repeated listenings.”

Equally, Neil Peart has always placed a meticulous efficiency to his performances, which considering he plays for a prog-rock band is quite some feat. While many of his contemporaries will diverge from the script or move into a more free-form space, when it came to his performances, Peart was as a tight as, well, a drum.

When you put those two kinds of performers together as a rhythm section you have the potential for something really special. And that is certainly what you would call Rush. Here, on their song ‘Digital Man’ we have had the guitar and vocals removed by YouTube user HoteiBattle and it offers the clearest view of their partnership.

Of course, that partnership would push on as Peart often composed the songs while Lee provided lyrics, but here you get to hear their connection on the most basic level and it’s captivating. Listen to Rush’s rocking rhythm section for ‘Digital Man’ below with the isolated drum and bass track.