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Credit: AVRO


Watch Roxy Music shine with 'Would You Believe?' Live At Le Bataclan, 1972


When 1972 came to a close, Bryan Ferry and his band Roxy Music could sit back and look at an impressive year of work. Their self-titled debut record was a melting pot of sexy glam rock and their live show was unparalleled.

We’re taking the moment to look back at some recently unearthed footage to prove that point as Roxy Music takes to the famous stage of Le Bataclan, Paris to give a shining performance of ‘Would You Believe?’.

When Roxy Music’s self-titled debut arrived on the shelves of your local record shop in the summer of 1972 the season of glam was only beginning to sprinkle its glitter across the airwaves. Within a few spins, Bryan Ferry and his band had covered the British Isles in a sheen of glam rock as their infectious groove and sensual bop rang out across the nation.

The record allowed Brian Eno to really let loose and experiment in bringing the feverish energy of what would become punk and the theatrics of classic rock that would colour every release at the time. It was a masterpiece of production and even saw Eno make room on the album for his beloved electronic sounds—he really was lightyears ahead.

A great record is all well and good but like so many bands have found out before and since you still need to be able to play it for an audience. Luckily, this is probably where Roxy Music, and especially Bryan Ferry, excelled. Their suave and sultry performances were always underlined by the twin factors of crooning showmanship and hip-swaying danger.

It meant that the band stepped on to the stage at the famous Parisien venue with swaggering confidence on November 26th, 1972. With their first footsteps on to the hallowed ground garnering a collective gasp of expectation from the crowd—the scene was well and truly set for a magnificent first tune.

The crowd was not to be disappointed as Roxy Music led them by the hands into their Roxy Music tune, ‘Would You Believe?’. It’s a performance not only dripping with braggadocio but backed up by a band imbued with glam rock credentials and the nose for a dancefloor delight.

As Ferry croons “Would, would you believe in what I do / When the things that I make are all for you?”, the song’s unstoppable hook, the crowd feels certain that he is singing directly to them. Every single one of them.

Watch Roxy Music shine with ‘Would You Believe?’ Live At The Bataclan, Paris