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(Credit: Rowan)


Rowan share new single 'Nothing's Gonna Change'

Rowan - 'Nothing's Gonna Change'

Rising Irish indie rock trio Rowan have returned with their latest single, ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change’.

Inspired by “coming out of your shell, gaining your self-confidence and growing into yourself”, the song celebrates taking control of your own destiny, even as your mind can’t settle and your surroundings refuse to help you out. “I won’t stand here feeling/Like an Imogen heap/Wasted daylight’s worse than/Intentional stealing.” Shoutout to Imogen Heap.

On a stupid side note, I love how ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change’ has call-and-response guitar lines and a solitary bass line to drive the song’s verses when, clearly, the trio don’t have enough personnel to pull this off outside the studio. During the video, band members Dylan Howe and Kevin Herron hilariously stand around while a non-existent bass player hammers out the sturdy lines played by no one.

Obviously, it’s not a complaint, though, because ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change’ is indelible indie rock at its catchiest and brightest. Perfect for the summer months now officially upon us, the song’s guitar tones are fuzzy without getting overwhelming, toeing the line perfectly to be energetic and punky while retaining a light energy.

The song also comes on the same day as the band’s Everybody Talks EP sees its own release. We reviewed the EP’s title track when it first came out, and ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change builds on the former’s momentum with a greater sense of drive and purpose.

If Rowan keep cranking out songs like this, possibly on their first full-length LP that the bandage reportedly working on as we speak, there’s no reason why they can’t generate a strong following outside of the confines of Cork. In the meantime, ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change’ and Everybody Talks are strong steps for a band with an upward trajectory.

Check out the video for ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change’ down below. Everybody Talks is available now.