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Ross From Friends shares new track 'The Daisy'

Ross From Friends - 'The Daisy'

The superbly named electronic project Ross From Friends, the alias used by producer Felix Clary Weatherall, has released a brand new track, ‘The Daisy’.

“In my mind it chronologically tied itself to the tunes I was listening to across that period too,” Weatherall explains. “How things have changed over the past 10 years in South London can be mapped with the type of music I was listening to throughout various stages of living here. I’ve basically honoured all of these musical touchstones across the album, thinking about how those memories and the tunes attached have been etched into a permanent chronology that’s completely personal to me.”

Sometimes it takes a little extra something to catch your eye and reel you into an artist’s work. Maybe it’s a recommendation from someone who you know has really good taste. Maybe it’s an album’s artwork that gets you curious about the contents inside. Or maybe it’s a name that you just can’t forget. As an unapologetic Friends nerd, Weatherall’s pseudonym was all I needed to get on board.

With plenty of trip-hop and ambient house influences, ‘The Daisy’ unfurls the way any good electronica track should: slow-burning, intensive, and filled with unexpected turns and surprises. The track is supremely relaxed, perhaps riding that famed “chill wave” movement that people are always on about, and takes you in and out of a sonic journey that feels well fleshed out and purposeful. The worst house tracks feel unfocused and random, but whenever Weatherall reintroduces sounds, they feel intentional within the song’s arrangement.

Weatherall has a fair amount of EPs and remixes under his belt, but he only has a single LP under his current name within his discography: 2018’s Family Portrait. That will change with his upcoming release Tread, which will look to capitalise on the momentum that the DJ has built steadily over the past decade.

Check out the video for ‘The Daisy’ down below. Tread is set for an October 22 release.