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Ronnie Spector issues statement on death of abusive ex-husband, Phil Spector


The world of Ronnie Spector was both illuminated and darkened by the figure of Phil Spector who passed away over the weekend due to complications from contracting COVID-19.

Phil and Ronnie Spector enjoyed some great musical success but endured a terrible relationship, one in which, Phil became increasingly erratic and abusive. The lead singer in The Ronettes, Ronnie had always been a smiling star before life with the ‘Wall of Sound’ producer turned nasty. However, in a perhaps unwarranted sign of humility, Ronnie has issued a statement on her ex-husband.

Phil Spector died over the weekend following complications in connection with him contracting coronavirus. Undoubtedly one of the most influential music producers of the 20th century, Spector had a hand in work with the Ronettes, The Beatles, the Ramones, Leonard Cohen and so many more, before he was convicted of murdering actress Lana Clarkson in 2009.

He died in a Californian correctional facility after being convicted of Clarkson’s murder and sentenced to 19-years-to-life in jail.

In an act of humble graciousness, Ronnie Spector, a superlative singer who suffered at the hands of Phil Spector during a torrid and abusive seven-year marriage, has issued a statement on Instagram celebrating the man: “It’s a sad day for music and a sad day for me.

“When I was working with Phil Spector, watching him create in the recording studio, I knew I was working with the very best. He was in complete control, directing everyone. So much to love about those days. Meeting him and falling in love was like a fairytale.

“The magical music we were able to make together, was inspired by our love. I loved him madly, and gave my heart and soul to him.”

Ronnie, of course, did open up about their relationship too: “As I said many times while he was alive, he was a brilliant producer, but a lousy husband. Unfortunately, Phil was not able to live and function outside of the recording studio.

“Darkness set in, many lives were damaged. I still smile whenever I hear the music we made together, and always will. The music will be forever.”