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Romare - Motherless Child

Far Out Magazine’s Track of the Day is the latest single to come from London-based producer and Ninja Tune signee Romare.

The sampling whizkid will release his debut LP Projections on the infamous label on Monday (February 23rd).

‘Motherless Child’ is the second track from it to be featured by us, after we also sang the praises of ‘Roots’ last year.

He might be slightly more beat-heavy than some of our other favourites, but Romare’s ability to blend clever soulful samples with organic instrumentation and some clever pop hooks is just too good to say no to in our opinion.

Always one to offer a though provoking accompaniment for his listeners, thevideo for the track combines archive footage of John Lennon with images of the Civil Rights conflict in America.

The man himself explains it a bit like this: “One is to John Lennon and the other is to the spiritual ’Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child.’ The two are related as John Lennon’s mother was killed when he was young, so I thought I would juxtapose moving images to explore this relationship.”

Patrick Davies