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Credit: BBC


Relive moment The Rolling Stones mimed Sonny & Cher's 'I Got You Babe' on 'Ready Steady Go!' in 1965


We’re dipping into the Far Out Magazine vault to watch Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and the rest of The Rolling Stones take place in a miming contest.

In a piece of television that could have only been born out of the lunacy of the swinging sixties, we’re looking back at The Rolling Stones jokingly miming the Sonny Bono and Cher iconic track ‘I Got You Babe’ with some hilarious consequences.

The group were performing on the notorious music sixties music show, Ready Steady Go!, when the band and some of their entourage were asked to take part in a “mime contest”. If you saw it the first time around on this is new to you, we imagine you’ll laugh just as hard.

When The Rolling Stones appeared on Ready, Steady, Go! the band were the hottest group around. Their powerful performances had seen them gain the reputation of being the darker side of rock ‘n’ roll but it was all sweetness and light in this clip as they all stepped up to mime a song.

The song to be performed was Sonny & Cher’s worldwide smash hit, ‘I Got You Babe’ and the performers were all ready to deliver some television gold for the audience at home. Starting off with Ready Steady Go!’s leading lady, the show’s host Cath McGowan was only the beginning of an engaging few minutes of professional miming.

The anointed Queen of the Mods, with a stylish haircut and eyelashes for days, starts off proceedings but soon passes over to Rolling Stones founding member Brian Jones who with a knowing glint in his eye then send the cameras down the line.

Soon enough the wide lenses of sixties BBC lands on Keith Richards pretending to play the tuba. Next up is Mick Jagger doing his ultimate Cher impression as the band’s manager Andrew Loog Oldham looks lovingly into Jagger’s eyes with all the affection of star-crossed lovers.

It’s a piece of television which simply wouldn’t happen these days. But while modern producers may think it pedestrian that is something intrinsically brilliant about seeing the Stones in this setting. Having fun, enjoying their friends and just, in general, being normal young adults.

Watch below as The Rolling Stones mime Sonny & Cher’s ‘I Got You Babe’ on Ready Steady Go!. Now, out of Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts—who is more uncomfortable?