(Credit: Steve San)


Remembering when The Rolling Stones received a furious fan letter from a child fan: "You are nothing but animals"


In 1966, The Rolling Stones couldn’t get a packet of cigarettes from their local shop without thousands flocking to treat them like royalty, it was that kind of overwhelming reception that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and the rest of the group had become accustomed to all over the world. However, when they treated themselves to a few days of well-deserved rest in Fiji, it’s safe to say the reaction was rather more hostile than they were used to.

In what was designed to be a welcome period of relief for The Stones, who had travelled to the other side of the world for rest and isolation, resulted in a somewhat bizarre note of frustration from the locals. The band, however, knew this trip was different from the very first moment they stepped off the plane to a surprisingly tepid reception.

Their manager, who was present upon arrival, made a flippant remark about the lack of fanfare for his troops when they touched the ground and jokingly encouraging Fiji to do better—a public statement that most understood was not sincere. However, one school child on the island didn’t see the funny side of the comment and made damn sure the band, as well as their manager, knew exactly that.

The Stones had come to the island after finishing their Australian tour and, after their manager was quoted in the local press about the situation, the group a rather uncharming letter to which was delivered to their hotel which among, other things, states “your road manager needs a POKE”.

This is expert anonymous trolling, which arrive pre-social media, signified a youth way ahead of his time. The letter, which undoubtedly needs reading in full to be given justice, now has a place on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which speaks for itself.

Read the letter in full below as well as checking out the handwritten original.

To the Rolling Stones,

Just wanted you to know, me and my friends with nearly the whole school, HATE you. Because you don’t look like men, you are nothing but ANIMALS, and smell like them too.

We know also that you are DIRTY and STINK. You probably never have baths which is typical of English pigs like you. I hope that you hurry up and go away from clean Fiji, because we don’t want you here, you PIGS. We HATE HATE HATE you.

I am speaking on behalf of 640 kids who all HATE you. So go and pick some pigsty in the slums of smelly England and have your MISERABLE holiday there. Your stupid road manager was upset about no-one greeting you, because we HATE you.

Your road manager needs a POKE. If you dare to set foot in Suva, me and my friends will tell some of the MEN of Fiji (Suva), to come and SPIT on you, and go to the TOILET on you. Thats all your worth. So do what I said, and GET OUT, we HATE you.