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Album of the Week: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever shine on 'Endless Rooms'

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - 'Endless Rooms'

With the summer almost here, a new album from Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever is exactly what the doctor ordered. On their third album, Endless Rooms, the Australian five-piece has bottled up a potion of Melbourne sunshine, and it tastes delicious.

While there are plenty of tracks on Endless Rooms that would sound at home on any of their previous records, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever exhibit a new expansive nature to their sound that they’ve never previously boasted. The development arrives as an extra dimension that they benefit greatly from in what can only be attributed to their evolution as a group. If you believed Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever were a one-trick pony, think again. 

The Aussies have a real knack for creating an earworm, and if you’re searching for another ‘French Press’ or ‘Talking Straight’, then you’re in luck, but Rolling Blackouts prove on Endless Rooms that they will not be defined by those jangly nuggets of serotonin filled joy — even though they’ve mastered that format.

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The attribute that makes Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever particularly appealing is down to their vocalists, with Fran Keaney, Tom Russo, and Joe White taking it in turns to rotate singing duties. They still retain a frantic pace throughout their third album, but they also allow songs like ‘Dive Deep’ and the titular ‘Endless Rooms’ to become these spacious, sprawling creations.

Endless Rooms begins with the atmospheric ‘Pearls Like You’, which features the beautifully calming sounds of bird song, and immediately puts your mind at ease before the pounding drums of ‘Tidal River’ euphorically erupt.

Rolling Blackouts maintain this energy with the roaring ‘The Way It Shatters’, which elegantly segues into the slower, melodic ‘Caught Low’, a number that ultimately captures the group in a reflective headspace. It’s a side to the band which shows their growth, and while their more energetic moments remain the most riveting, they are made even more exciting by the scarcity of their volume.

‘My Echo’, meanwhile, is a tornado which blissfully swirls for three-and-a-half minutes and is a vintage Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever anthem. On the track, the band upliftingly sing: “Tomorrow from in another state, Try to paint yourself in colour, Come on and be a winner, Oh, take another shot” in a sentiment that could be fittingly attributed to the band themselves.

While their first two albums are thrilling listens, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have given more of themselves than before on Endless Rooms. On the record, they prove their craft isn’t restricted to soundtracking beers on the beach, and there’s a tender heart underneath it all.