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Credit: Alexander Blum


Robert Smith shares update on new album from The Cure: “It’s pretty relentless"


The last time The Cure put out a studio album was 2008’s 4:13 Dream. For the next decade and a half, bandleader Robert Smith continued to promise a new album was on the horizon. Smith even claimed that the band had recorded two albums of original material, but neither has surfaced in the last 14 years.

While accepting the Icon Award and the Ivor Novellas this Thursday, Smith provided an update for fans eagerly awaiting new material from The Cure. “Reeves [Gabrels] our guitar player has come over from America for the day just to finish a couple of solos, I’ve got to finish a couple of vocals,” Smith explained to NME.

“Essentially it’s a 12 track album. It’s there, it’s kind of half-mixed and half-finished,” he added. “It’s a weird thing. It’s kind of evolved over the last two years. It hasn’t always been a good thing to have been left alone with it. You pick at it, like picking at seams, and everything falls apart. It’ll be worth the wait. I think it’s the best thing we’ve done, but then I would say that. I’m not doing an Oasis when I say that, ‘IT’S THE BEST FOOKIN’ ALBUM’. A lot of the songs are difficult to sing, and that’s why it’s taken me a while.”

“We will be releasing a new album,” Smith continued. “I get fed up of saying this now! We will be playing from October and the new album will be out before then. We walked on [stage at the Ivors today] to a bit of new music, actually. Hopefully no one recorded it!”

“It’s pretty relentless, which will appeal to the hardcore of our audience, but I don’t think we’ll be getting any number one singles off it or anything like that!” he laughed. “It’s been quite harrowing, like it has for everyone else. I’ve been more privileged than most, but lockdown and Covid has affected me in as much as I’ve lost an entire generation of aunts and uncles in under a year. It’s things like that which have informed the way I’ve been with the record.”

Smith even confirmed that the band had indeed recorded two albums worth of original material back in 2019, and the tapes from those sessions are currently being polished for final mixes. “Essentially we recorded two albums in 2019. I’ve been trying to finish two at the same time, which is pretty much impossible. One is nearly ready to go.”

Smith also commented that his relationship with bassist Simon Gallup, who accepted the Ivor Award with Smith, is strong and that the two are swapping demos for the new album. Gallup abruptly left the band back in the summer of 2021, but quickly recanted and is currently still in the group. Few public comments have been made from either Gallup or Smith about the brief split.

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