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Robert Pattinson talks about the ‘Final Fantasy 7’ love triangle

Robert Pattinson has taken a huge step forward in his career by donning the costume of Batman, a role that has been taken on by legendary predecessors such as Michael Keaton and Christian Bale among others. After Ben Affleck decided to step down from the iconic role, Pattinson joined the project and the decision has been welcomed by fans.

Continuing his incredible run with modern masterpieces such as Good Time, High Life and The Lighthouse, Pattinson is set to bring a new perspective to such a wildly popular character. Director Matt Reeves has also actively worked to set this Batman film apart from the rest by conceptualising the superhero’s world in a different way.

According to the reports that surfaced during the production process, Reeves encouraged Pattinson to research about the life of Kurt Cobain because he wanted Pattinson’s Batman to tap into the dark side and be addicted to the idea of revenge. In order to prepare for the role, Pattinson also studied the combat behaviour for real bats.

During a recent interview, Pattinson also spoke about his love for video games and revealed that he had cried while playing Final Fantasy 7 when Aeris – one of the characters in the game – died. “Everybody wants Tifa; it’s the two options of girls you can have. It’s the best,” Pattinson gushed, commenting on another character.

He explained to his co-star Zoë Kravitz: “It’s a love triangle, where Aeris – or Aerith, depending on what version of the game you have as it’s sometimes mistranslated – she’s like the really kind girl that has superpowers to heal everyone, and Tifa’s like this sexy little thing and you have to decide. Then Aeris, right at her peak, gets killed.”

Watch the new trailer for The Batman below.