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(Credit: White House / David Miller)


Robert De Niro says "lunatic" Donald Trump “doesn’t care” how many people die from coronavirus


Robert De Niro, the critically acclaimed Academy Award-winning actor, has hit out at President Donald Trump amid the catastrophic response to the current coronavirus pandemic.

De Niro, who has never been shy to voice his disapproval of Trump, described the current situation at the White House as “Shakespearean” before adding: “You’ve got a lunatic saying things that people are trying to dance around.”

The actor added: “It’s appalling, it’s appalling. He wants to be re-elected, he doesn’t even care how many people die.”

The criticism comes as Trump faces major questions following the problematic response to COVID-19. The US remains the leading country in the most confirmed cases and, more worryingly, the highest death toll by quite some margin.

Emily Maitlis, the Newsnight host, asked De Niro if he thought that Trump’s loyal following would disagree, to which the actor replied: “No, he doesn’t care for those people. And the people who he pretends to care about are the people he has the most disdain for because he could care less about them.

“They might like to tell themselves or delude themselves, but he doesn’t care about them.”

De Niro, who has been quarantined in New York City which is the epicentre of the pandemic, then discussed live in the worst-hit US city: “It’s been very strange because New York is kind of like a ghost town, it’s surreal then you see other parts of the world, other great big cities of the world, are also in the same situation,” he said.

“It’s interesting, it’s kind of like a science fiction movie but it’s real.”

See the interview, below.