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(Credit: Montclair Film)


Rob Reiner discusses the exciting details of 'Spinal Tap 2'


Does This is Spinal Tap really need a sequel? This was the question on every cinephile’s lips when news of Rob Reiner’s sequel was announced earlier this year, with the music industry having come a long way since 1984. 

Explaining how he came about planning a sequel to his own classic film, Reiner sat down with NME and admits, “We never thought we would do a sequel”. Continuing, he adds, however: “It was only because we started to talk to each other and we came up with an idea we think might work – we don’t know it will. We’re going to try. The bar is incredibly high. We debated whether or not we should do it… I said, ‘Look at us, we’re all in our 70s. How much time are we going to have [left] to have some fun?’”. 

Nearing its 40 year anniversary, the original comedy classic mockumentary followed the fictional band Spinal Tap, known as one of England’s loudest bands, whose influential tour is captured by the (also fictitious) film director Marty DiBergi. 

Starring the likes of Reiner, Michael McKean, Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer and Tony Hendra, This is Spinal Tap is often included on lists of the funniest movies of all time, and for good reason too. 

Accepting that many fans are fearing the worst from the sequel, Reiner tries to settle expectations, telling the publication: “We wouldn’t try unless we thought we had something that could work”. Playing the director Marty DiBergi in the movie, Reiner jokes: “Here’s the thing, Marty DiBergi was roundly criticised by the band members for having done a hatchet job, [but] he’s going to be doing the second film. Marty has not been that successful [since]. I think he made Kramer vs Kramer vs Godzilla, which didn’t do very well”. 

Whilst we wait on tenterhooks for our first glimpse at the forthcoming feature film, enjoy the trailer for the classic comedy, below.