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“Never in stone” | ‘Abbey Road’ wasn’t meant to be the last Beatles album confirms Ringo

In a new interview with BBC 6 Music, Ringo Starr, iconic Beatles drummer has dropped some groundbreaking news. In the conversation, the drummer confirmed what many had speculated about over the years, Abbey Road was not planned as the last Beatles record.

Commentators, biographers and fans have believed that The Beatles went into the recording session with a plan that the record would be their last but Starr has now said that was never the case. He stated the band had planned to go on recording into the 1970s.

The Beatles drummer said: “We did do Abbey Road and we was like, ‘Okay that’s pretty good…but none of us said, ‘OK, that’s the last time we’ll ever play together’. Nobody said that. I never felt that.

“We’d made this record, and then we would go off and do whatever we wanted to do. And then Paul would call us and say, ‘Hey, you want to go in the studio lads?’ and we’d do another one.”

Concluding: “So it was not the end – because in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. So I never felt it was in stone.”

Ringo spoke about working with Paul in the interview saying “It’s the best. I love playing with him…We played a lot together in ‘that band’ and he’s still in the most melodic player. He’s still incredible, for me, I feel the emotion when [he] plays.”

The two remaining Beatles, Ringo and Paul are joining forces to cover John Lennon’s song ‘Grow Old With Me‘. The release of comes as part of Starr’s 20th studio album, ‘What’s My Name’ which is due to be released on October 25th.