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(Credit: Lewis Evans)


Rick Astley compares Blossoms to The Smiths


Ahead of his upcoming gigs with Blossoms next month, where he will be playing songs by The Smiths, Rick Astley has said that the Stockport band are doing “exactly the same” as their indie forebearers.

The ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ singer joined Blossoms during their show at the Kentish Town Forum in London last week to deliver his best impression of Morrissey as he stood in on vocals for renditions of ‘Panic’ and ‘This Charming Man‘. 

Footage of the madcap collaboration sent social media into a frenzy, which was elevated when the new combination revealed they would be returning to the same venue in October after taking their version of The Smiths to the Albert Hall in Manchester the night before.

Now, Astley has told the Daily Star about his love of The Smiths and why he thinks Blossoms should be mentioned in the same conversation as the legendary group. “The Smiths were everything,” he said. “They just did something that was completely different, and it turned me on in a major way.”

Adding” “And what is amazing is that Blossoms do exactly the same and they weren’t even born. That just goes to show The Smiths could have passed on but their music would still be here. Blossoms are great. They’re a really, really, really good live band.”

“It meant an awful lot to me as a kid that there was a band that came from down the road that did a thing with the same instruments other bands have been using for 20, 30 years like the Stones or The Beatles – but [The Smiths] did something different, they added a twist to it, and the lyrics had a twist to it.”

Elsewhere, Johnny Marr poked fun at the clip on social media, saying, “This is both funny and horrible at the same time”. He then added, “FYI all you head cases. I’ve got no problem with tribute bands, or with anyone doing anyone’s songs, and I’ve got no problem with Rick Astley. There’s a back story. That’s that.”

In a further post, Marr said, “I met The Blossoms a few weeks ago and they elected to not mention it. Nice.”

To add more to the strort, a new piece titled ‘Morrissey, Astley and the usual suspects’ has been published on Morrissey Central, written by freelance journalist Fiona Dodwell.

Rather than critiquing the footage, Dodwell took shots at social media users for using it as an excuse to make jokes about the former Smiths singer. She wrote, “The drama is yet again the outcome of a bored, frenzied online mob and the indecorous mainstream media who enjoy raking his name over the coals whenever the slightest opportunity presents itself.”