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Remembering that strange moment when Arctic Monkeys brought Dizzee Rascal out at Glastonbury


Back in 2007 before Arctic Monkeys had become the seasoned festival headliners and in general world dominators they have become today, the band were headlining Glastonbury for the very first time. A scary feat, so much so that they decided they needed a special guest to help their set along and the person they decided on was none other than UK rapper Dizzee Rascal.

The Sheffield band brought him up on to the illustrious Pyramid Stage to perform ‘Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend’ of which there are two versions which feature the East London Grime MC.

One appeared on Dizzee’s third album Maths+English, however, this was titled ‘Temptation’ featuring Alex Turner and isn’t a patch on the version that went on to appear on the band’s LP Favourite Worst Nightmare which Dizzee also pops up on and, in fairness, delivers a strong verse on.

However; considering this was one of the biggest gigs of their career at this point, bringing Dizzee out was probably a bit misguided in hindsight and the video doesn’t really stand the test of time in comparison to the rest of their legendary set. Dizzee X Arctic Monekys, might well be the most 2007 thing to ever happen though.

A lot has changed in those 11 years since they first headlined Glastonbury, but this video has somehow whetted my appetite to see a remix of one of the tracks from Tranquillity Base + Casino with a star of the Grime game today. Who would you like to see the boys work with?