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Red Hot Chili Peppers have “loose plan” to release another new album


For anyone who considers themselves a major fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the announcement that John Frusciante was returning to the group after a decade-long hiatus seemed too good to be true. At the time of the original announcement, the band had indicated that they were working on new music. Could this have meant that the most legendary lineup of the band were making new music together?

The answer wound up being a definite “yes”, as even Covid couldn’t stop the California party rock animals from working on, and now eventually releasing, their 12th studio album Unlimited Love. But the future is always tenuous, especially when Frusciante is in the guitar slot. There’s always a push and pull: this is where Frusciante is meant to be, but it also feels like he’s eventually going to get tired of the punk-funk antics and want to go his own way once more.

That inevitability looks like it’s being pushed a little farther into the future, however, as both Frusciante and Anthony Kiedis have indicated that a new Red Hot Chili Peppers album is pretty much already in the can. “We’re gonna put out music by the handful – literally,” Kiedis told NME. “Don’t be surprised if another wheelbarrow of songs comes your way in the near future. We have a lot of shit to turn people onto.”

“We definitely have enough material that we love,” Frusciante added, saying that the Chili Peppers’ have “recorded almost 50 pieces of music” with producer Rick Rubin during the sessions for Unlimited Love. Frusciante said there was a “loose plan” to release a new album after the current promotional cycle ends, although no plans are officially set in stone.

Kiedis also explains that Frusciante’s return to the band was “the most monumental change in our lives. And God was I down for anything and everything.” Kiedis confirmed that the group originally started the recording process with the previous guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, but that feeling wasn’t quite right.

“It was going slowly and without a real definitive drive to it. It was just sort of meandering,” Kiedis said. “And then both Flea and I had a zeitgeist of a feeling inside of ourselves independently which was: ‘It would be really nice to involve John somehow in this process.’ It had been a long time and he was making himself known in our circles again after having been in his very own circle.”

In the same NME feature, Flea described what it was like parting with Klinghoffer. “He’s been with us for 10 years, and it was an emotionally difficult thing to do. Not only was he a great musician, he was also a thoughtful, supportive team-player – a communally-minded, kind and intelligent person.” Klinghoffer initially claimed that he was stepping aside, but it seems clear that the band sought out Frusciante to reclaim his place in the band.

“Artistically, in terms of being able to speak the same language, it was easier working with John,” Flea admitted. “Getting back into a room and starting to play and letting the thing unfold… was really exciting.”

Unlimited Love is set to be released on April 1st.