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Rebelution share new song 'Heavy as Lead'

Rebelution - 'Heavy as Lead'

California reggae rockers Rebelution have shared their latest single ‘Heavy as Lead’ from the band’s upcoming seventh studio album In the Moment.

We don’t cover a lot of reggae here at Far Out, especially new reggae, so it’s breath of fresh air whenever I get a message in my inbox with a new song from a band that I don’t have to use the terms “bedroom pop” or “indie rock” to describe. Rebelution does mix a fairly diverse array of influences and sounds in their music, and ‘Heavy as Lead’ shows them embracing gigantic drum samples and poppy choruses not always found in the traditional forms of reggae.

Depending on your own proclivities for certain good time activities involving certain good time illicit substances, ‘Heavy as Lead’ is set to be a soothing balm to start off your weekend of zoning out. ‘Heavy as Lead’ isn’t strictly enjoyable if you’re in a heady state of mind, but lines like “Can we roll up, roll up/All the inner troubles/Let it burn up, burn up/Watch it rise through the air” aren’t exactly subtle.

Couchlock aside, ‘Heavy as Lead’ is a worthy addition to Rebelution’s now formidable discography. Theirs is the kind of music that works incredibly well if you turn off any hyper-critical parts of your brain and simply let the rhythms and bouncy energy lull you into a happy state.

“Rebelution gets so many messages from people saying how they find comfort in our music,” band member Eric Rachmany explains, “How it brings light into their lives and at times can have an impact on depression and anxiety. Being able to help people in that way means everything to us. This song is about finding the light from darkness and being strong no matter what happens.”

Check out the video for ‘Heavy as Lead’ down below. In the Moment is set for a June 18 release.