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Rat Boy drops new mini-album and you can stream it in full


Jordan Cardy and Co AKA Rat Boy have announced a brand new mini-album called Civil Disorder and what’s more is you can stream the whole thing right here. Lucky devils!

Having released their triumphant teen rabble-rouser SCUM just last year the band, and Cardy most of all, are proving that their output isn’t just based on savvy social media work or youthful exuberance, it’s a project which is constantly evolving.

Cardy has been a long time fan of artistic drive across all genres and this latest project sees Rat Boy use their wide breadth of knowledge to make something entirely singular. “I’ve been listening to a lot of early ’80s American punk and ’70s punk from the UK,” Jordan says of the new release. “I want to get that energy mixed with the production of the new hip-hop records that I’m into.”

The seven song EP, in truth, sees Rat Boy use a touch of every genre, stylistic flair and beat at Cardy’s fingertips and he uses them all with a vigour and snarl that emanates from every move the band make.

They will be showing off their moves really soon likely at a town near you. The band are out on tour from January 31st and you can find all the dates below.