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RAT BOY shares brand new stomper single 'DON'T HESITATE'

Jordan Cardy is a buys man. While being the enigmatic teen-idol of the punk world, AKA RAT BOY, he is also a prolific artist and creator outside of music. But where he really finds his place is in the myriad of possibilities that one has when given a free license and a guitar. With that said, here’s a brand new one from RAT BOY as our Track of the Day – ‘DON’T HESITATE’.

The track, an unapologetic crash of as many worlds as Cardy can get his grubby mits on also features the help of Rancid’s very own Tim Armstrong. The pair met at Armstrong’s Shiprec Studios where he had just finished producing The Interrupters’ latest album and immediately captured three demos on their first day together, with members of The Interrupters backing them on bass and drums. Not only did they have chemistry but they had a wealth of unorthodox creative ideas, such as chopping up live drums before filtering them through an old tape machine or RAT BOY playing Armstrong’s left-handed guitar upside down.

Jordan had this to say about the project: “We listened to some old funk records then we went into the live room and tried making our own and I was playing bongos on it at the start, Liam Haygarth’s playing one of those short-scaled ukulele basses, they have plastic strings so the bass in it sounds crazy.

“When I went back to England, I had had this drum pack of weird reggae breaks and drum hits. I chopped it up and kind of wanted to go for a weird Rebel MC ‘Street Tuff’ vibe. Tim and I put a sort of Run DMC stabby guitar in which I think really worked.”

While we wait for their debut record INTERNATIONALLY UNKOWN to land (it arrive son January 25th) we have this heavy slice of beefy, bratty punk to chomp on and we couldn’t be gladder for it.

Take a listen below.