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(Credit: YouTube)

Rapper Jake Hill cancels live performance due to Morrissey’s venue meat ban

Jake Hill, a 27-year-old Alabama rapper, has cancelled his planned performance at Houston’s White Oak Music Hall because of Morrissey’s venue-wide meat ban.

Hill, who is booked to play the venue on the same day as Morrissey, encountered an issue when he tried to order takeaway food. Apparently, the musician was told he would need to eat his food outside because Morrissey has enforced a rule that states no meat would be consumed at the location on the day of his performance.

The rapper though, didn’t take too kindly to this and posted a furious video online and cancelling his show. Apparently, Hill “didn’t know [about the ban] until I ordered my DoorDash, and apparently I’d have to eat it outside like a fucking dog, or walk 500 yards down to a bar, just to eat my fucking food. This is the 20th show we’ve done, we’re fucking tired. I do wanna relax, eat our food, but apparently God is here and he’s making it so we can’t eat meat. So, I hate to do this but I’m not about to bow down to this guy. Show’s been cancelled, I’m sorry.”

In the same video, Hill added: “Fuck you, Morrissey! Bitch!”

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s clearly a lot of things to hate Morrissey at the moment. If you stand against his right-wing political stance, or you’re pissed off about him trying to make a profit off David Bowie and Lou Reed records, I think we can all agree that this rapper is way off the mark.

Facing criticism for his slightly childish reaction to not being able to eat the food he wants, where he wants, the rapper then took to Twitter to clarify: “I understand we’ll get a lot of hate for this and lose supporters but I’m not gonna be told what I can and can’t eat at a venue that I just spent 40 days getting to, all because a bigger artist doesn’t like meat. Not sucking dick tonight.”

Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, doesn’t make him look childish at all.