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Listen to Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke sing a parody cover of Oasis song 'Wonderwall'


There’s nothing better than a bit of piss-taking in rock and roll and, even though Radiohead rarely indulge in this fine art, when Thom Yorke decided to take on Oasis song ‘Wonderwall’ he really broke the mould.

It goes without saying that Oasis’ reckless Gallagher brothers find it all too easy to dish out some high-profile ear bashings. You only need to look back as early of 2015 for Noel Gallagher’s take on Radiohead’s consistently impressive reviews: “I’m aware that Radiohead have never had a fucking bad review,” he said in a conversation with Esquire. “I reckon if Thom Yorke fucking shit into a light bulb and started blowing it like an empty beer bottle it’d probably get 9 out of 10 in fucking Mojo. I’m aware of that,” he concluded.

It turns out Yorke had actually attempted to blow his own shit through a lightbulb once before, during a radio session for CBC in Canada in 1996 alongside American power pop group The Posies. I joke, of course.

While messing around on his acoustic guitar, Yorke romps into a rendition of Oasis’ 1995 song ‘Wonderwall’, seemingly attempting to make his vocals sound as nasally as possible akin to Liam Gallagher. Quite cheekily, Yorke then plays around with the lyrics, as he sings: “There are many ways that I would like to sing to you, but I don’t know how.”

Towards the end of this rare recording, a member of the Posies can be heard saying: “Is this abysmal or what?” to which Yorke replies: “Yep,” before promptly adding: “It’s always good to make fun of Oasis, though.”

The Radiohead frontman then adds: “They don’t mind, actually.”

Excellent stuff, absolutely excellent. 

Have a listen, below.