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Credit: YouTube


Watch Radiohead's Thom Yorke in his 2005 'From The Basement' session


Nigel Goldrich is the legendary producer behind many of Radiohead’s most acclaimed albums. He has been behind the mixing desk for a slew of classics from Kid A, to Travis’ The Man Who and a gilded list of others. Last year the studio wizard set up a YouTube channel of unearthed footage from his days in the studio. 

His latest unearthing is perhaps the biggest nugget that his continual mining of the archives has produced so far. 

Goldrich and Radiohead have now paired up to release these rarities in a series. The pilot episode to launch the From the Basement project sees Thom Yorke performing a solo piano set from back in 2005. 

Yorke’s performance features early versions of the In Rainbows tracks ‘Videotape’, ‘Down Is the New Up’, and ‘Last Flowers’, as well as ‘Analyse’ from Yorke’s 2006 solo album, The Eraser

Last week Radiohead also began sharing archive footage on their own YouTube channel for fans the enjoy. Thom Yorke also recently released a catwalk soundtrack contribution back in March. 

You can check out the From the Basement session, below.