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Radiohead are now selling a fine bone china tea set

Oxford heroes, Radiohead, have gone against the grain again. Only this time, it’s not in the musical sense, rather in the realm of merchandise. To celebrate and accompany the latest album, KID A MNESIA, the band have announced a new, limited edition range of merch, including a tea set.

Earlier this month, KID A MNESIA hit stores. It’s a weighty triple album reissue that celebrates the 20th anniversary of both Kid A and Amnesiac. Alongside the reissue, the band launched a virtual exhibition, and now they’ve followed it up with a host of new merch. 

Showing that they’re always ahead of the curve, of course, Radiohead have made the usual pieces of merch available, including clothing and pins, but the decision to include a custom made tea set is incredible. Made from fine bone china, the teapot fills four cups and comes with two teacups and saucers, decorated with the art of the reissue. 

Given how rare the tea set is, it is not cheap. The full set is selling for £185, and you’ll have to wait until February before it’s shipped. Other more unique items up for grabs are bedsheets, a cross stitch kit and a tin of biscuits. You can see that bazaar of merchandise here.

It’s been a busy year for Radiohead. Alongside KID A MNESIA, they also released Kid Amnesiae, comprised of unreleased material that didn’t make the final cut after the recording sessions of both Kid A and Amnesiac.

The new Radiohead releases have been critically acclaimed across the board. Offering insight into the band’s inner workings, they show that the band are always committed to progression, and aided by Kid Amnesiae, we’re shown clearly that Radiohead are the premium British band, constantly striving for creative and artistic enlightenment. It makes us wonder what they have in store for us in future.