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Radiohead release new single 'Follow Me Around'


Radiohead have previewed the release of their upcoming 20th-anniversary bundle KID A MNESIA with an official recording of the song ‘Follow Me Around’.

Nothing is ever truly a deep cut to Radiohead’s almost unmatched rabid fandom, and ‘Follow Me Around’ is no exception. Although it has never been on an official release, the song was featured in the 1998 documentary Meeting People Is Easy, where it was played as part of a soundcheck in Fukuoka, Japan. The song kept getting attempted at soundcheck, but it didn’t make any live appearances during the tour in support of OK Computer.

That being said, the song still made its way into the wider orbit of Radiohead geekdom, so much so that a fan site entitled ‘’ campaigned for the band to give the song a proper live stage performance. Thom Yorke acquiesced at a Toronto concert in 2000, but the song has only been played 11 times since, with the most recent being at a Yorke/Jonny Greenwood show as an acoustic duo for an Italian earthquake benefit in 2017.

Now, the official studio version of ‘Follow Me Around’ has been released. The song was attempted during the OK Computer sessions but was left off the OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017 reissue, and this version, featuring just Yorke and an acoustic guitar, was most likely recorded during the Kid A/Amnesiac sessions but left off due to the sparse experimental electronica that the band were heading towards. Some of the lyrics for ‘Follow Me Around’ were included in the hidden additional booklet in the original Kid A CD jewel case.

The song also gets a new video starring Guy Pearce as a man avoiding a camera in his home. It plays pretty well into the central anxieties of the modern world that populated much of Radiohead’s material around this time, but probably like the song itself, the themes of the video seem to have more to do with OK Computer than the embrace of technology that happens on Kid A. In any case, it’s a wild voyeuristic video that fits nicely into the wild world of Radiohead’s video filmography.

Check out the video for ‘Follow Me Around’ down below. KID A MNESIA will be released on November 5th.