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Fake Plastic Bricks: Radiohead reimagined in Lego


There are not many ways in which Radiohead have not been immortalised. Whether it’s through fan fiction, cover songs or indeed combining the band with 90s comedy Seinfeld, it’s fair to say that the band have a fanatic amount of support. But now the band have been immortalised in Lego.

In one of the more fun tributes to the band we’ve ever seen, as Bricksnapz has decided to create a homage to the band he loves the only way he knows how; with plastic building blocks.

Enjoy the beauty of Radiohead combined with the Seinfeld theme

The creator uses Radiohead as inspiration for the scenes he creates and promotes on Instagram and from it we have something which has put a massive smile on our faces. It comes as another edition to Bricksnapz‘s band creations whereby he puts Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Tom Selway, and Ed O’Brien in some familiar places.

The images show Thom Yorke looking serious at the piano, Johnny Greenwood playing the guitar with his violin bow, and the band giving a huge crowd what seems like a memorable gig.

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We believe this may well be the best Radiohead fan tribute ever.