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Enjoy the beauty of Radiohead combined with the Seinfeld theme

There’s a certain type of genius in this world that often goes unappreciated, their brilliance seemingly too “out there” for the mundane general public.

Demi Adejuyigbe, it would seem, is that genius that lives on the outskirts of generic society norms. The kind of comedian who has the willpower, the imagination, the foresight and the ingenuity to create what can only be described as an audio masterpiece.

While the crossover of Radiohead and Seinfeld fans may be a common one, the mashup of Radiohead’s 1994 song and ‘My Iron Lung’ set to Jonathan Wolff’s 1989 Seinfeld theme was something that none of us expected. However, it has arrived. It is here and the moment is upon us.

Adejuyigbe created an album of random mixes and, when explaining, he said: “Every one of these mashups is based on a tweet written by someone I follow on Twitter. Some of them work outrageously well. Some are comically bad.

“I made album covers for all of these, but unfortunately I think some of them are gone forever. Blame Soundcloud.”

We blame you Demi. We blame you for thrusting this magic upon us.