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Credit: Alamy


Radiohead to live-stream a series of archival shows


Radiohead have announced details of a live-streamed series of rare shows from their archive.

The project will run for seven weeks, with the set of broadcasts kicking off in style this Friday (April 9th). The performance that is first up is the Oxfordshire band’s intimate set at London’s 93 Feet East from 2008, which was an impromptu set that has become the stuff of legend among their fanbase.

The January 16th show was intended to be an in-store performance at London record store Rough Trade East to celebrate In Rainbows. However, that plan turned upside down due to the hordes of fans and media coverage capturing the local authorities’ attention.

Following this, the band were left with no choice but to tear down the production at Rough Trade. While many groups would have cancelled the event, Radiohead found a new venue at the last minute. The show at 93 Feet East has never been available to watch for fans before now.

Announcing the project, Colin Greenwood wrote: “We rummaged in the Radiohead Public Library and found a few more concerts from a life we all yearn to return to. Thanks to science and the vaccines, we are a step closer to that.”

Meanwhile, Radiohead recently made their unexpected arrival on social media giant TikTok in bizarre style. A verified account for the group recently appeared on the video app for the social media site. The Oxfordshire band has already shared their first video in a totally absurd fashion. So far, the video has already racked up over 800 thousand views and 135 thousand likes in less than twenty-four hours.

The band’s video features their strange confidante, Chieftain Mews, who previously appeared in their old webcasts. Mews can be seen behind a news desk dystopian news broadcast at a desk with the word ‘Mews’ emblazoned behind him along with Radiohead’s logo.