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Credit: YouTube


Radiohead join TikTok in strange style


Radiohead have arrived on social media giant TikTok in bizarre style.

A verified account for the group recently appeared on the video app for the social media site. The Oxfordshire band has already shared their first video in a totally absurd fashion and, so far, the video has already racked up over half a million views and over sixty-thousand likes in less than twenty-four hours.

The band’s video features their strange confidante, Chieftain Mews, who previously appeared in their old webcasts. Mews can be seen behind a news desk dystopian news broadcast at a desk with the word ‘Mews’ emblazoned behind him along with Radiohead’s logo.

Admittedly, the short black-and-white clip comes with creepiness due to the grainy filter, adding what can only be described as an apocalyptic feel to it. Mews’ is speaking with ‘Paranoid Android’ in the background as he says, “Well, what do you want me to say?” He then asks a voice off-camera what to say, who then instructs him to “say something.”

Mews is dressed in the same fashion as we last saw him years ago, with his trademark bald cap, suit and dark nail varnish. Mews then erupts into hypnotically uttering: “TikTok. Tick, tick, tick, tock.”

Later in the clip, he adds: “This is your wakeup call,” Mews says with a grave tone. “Have a good day.”

Check out the strange clip for yourself, below.