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Credit: YouTube


The shambolic moment Jim Carrey covered Radiohead song 'Creep'

The saying goes that if you’re a real Radiohead fan then their massive 1992 adolescent anthem ‘Creep’ is but a footnote in their career. If ‘Creep’ is your favourite Radiohead song then the chances are you’re not a real fan—whatever that means. One person who will likely fall into that category is Hollywood star Jim Carrey who, in 2011, opted to perform a quite astounding cover of the song.

During New York Fashion week of 2011, Carrey had been making a name for himself online. The Mask actor had just sent out an ode to fellow actor Emma Stone calling her “all the way beautiful” and it instantly went viral. Clearly that expression wasn’t enough though as he found time and space to take to the stage of a New York bar and sing his heart out.

Arlene’s Grocery was the venue for the night, a local bar with a tradition of putting on great gigs (like one of The Strokes’ earliest performances), and with a band on that night, Carrey decided to make an impromptu visit and give the crowd a special performance for the evening.

It’s fair to say that Carrey’s performance chops are up there with some of the best in the business. His elastic face makes for some great interpretation, but we were still surprised to see how comfortable he looked with a band at his backing and a mic in his hand. He performed some tracks including The Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ and then went on to take on Radiohead’s smash hit ‘Creep’.

A host of artists have covered the song before, from a drunken Pearl Jam to a Coachella cover from Prince, could Carrey match up? Apart from missing his cue and giving off the kind of Dad vibes to ruin any teenage birthday party in a three-mile radius, he isn’t that bad. Yes, it does feel like he is possibly one drink too many down the rabbit hole, but surely that adds to the fun?

It’s not the first time Carrey has had a go at a classic song. He also covered The Beatles iconic hit ‘I Am The Walrus‘ with serious aplomb. But while his credentials stack up and the performance isn’t too terrible, this very video is the reason Radiohead fans hate ‘Creep’.

Hate-watch at your pleasure; Jim Carrey covering Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ in 2011: