One of The Beatles most well known songs, ‘I am The Walrus’, has been covered many times and has long been a song that critics loved to scour for meaning. It has been covered by the likes of Britpop icons Oasis and, most importantly, encompasses the psychedelic vibe of the ’60s.

In 1998, ‘fifth Beatle’ Sir George Martin produced the album In My Life, a record comprised largely of Beatles covers from various different artists. Some of the more notable names on there are Sean Connery, the Bond actor who lends his voice to the title track In My Life. Other names include the likes of Robin Williams, Celine Dion, Billy Connolly and Phil Collins appeared on drums.

The record, looking back, seems a very odd mix of characters and a strange culmination of artists with a mixture of actors, comedians and pop aficionados.

The compilation album was received with mixed reviews as Sarah Zupko, of PopMatters, once wrote: “[Martin] has chosen to go out with a whimper instead of a bang” and of the album in general, added: “I don’t really have to tell you that Goldie Hawn impersonating a chanteuse on ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ or Sean Connery literally reading ‘In My Life’ is an embarrassing display, do I?”

Out of this mix bag of artists that was the great Jim Carrey. In a clip captured for the making of the album, we get a performance that can only be described as quintessential Carrey as he embodies the Walrus just like he embodies any character that he takes on.

Those to have seen his portrayal of Andy Kaufman, and the subsequent documentary that was released later, will show Carrey’s method acting knows no bounds—as you can see in his very special rendition of I Am the Walrus.

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