Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien details debut solo album plans


Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien has confirmed his intentions to release and tour his debut solo record.

Working with producers Flood and Catherine Marks on a new record inspired by Brazil Carnival, O’Brien began recording with David Bowie collaborator Omar Hakim, Michael Jackson songwriter Nathan East and The Invisible’s Dave Okumu.

Now, sitting down with That Pedal Show to discuss his album, O’Brien explained that he hopes to release the record later this year. When asked why it has taken this long to create the album, O’Brien said he had feelings of “guilt” about making music away from Radiohead in the past. “Six, seven years ago, I’m like, ‘I’m in Radiohead, I’ve got a young family. This is great!’” he said. “I’m living the dream — this is what every 16-year-old boy who plays guitar dreams of. I’m really happy with life.”

“Then suddenly I’m like, the songs. And the truth is, I wanted to write songs,” he added.

Asked if the solo material will draw comparisons to Radiohead, O’Brien said: “You’ll make a little connection. There will be textures. There’s quite a lot of depth it. It’s a little bit magical realist, slightly psychedelic, a lot of colour.”

Watch the full interview, below: