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Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien announces debut solo album inspired by Brazil Carnival


Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien has confirmed news that he is the latest member of the band to go solo.

Working with producers Flood and Catherine Marks on a new record inspired by Brazil Carnival, O’Brien began recording with David Bowie collaborator Omar Hakim, Michael Jackson songwriter Nathan East and The Invisible’s Dave Okumu.

While playing some dates with Radiohead next year, O’Brien told Esquire that the new solo record will be ready for release late in 1028 or early 2019: “Without getting into it too much, going to Carnival in Rio was very inspiring. Rhythm and groove were a big part of it,” he explained. “I’m really enjoying it. It feels really right at the moment.”

The Radiohead man also confirmed he is playing his new signature Fender guitar on the album: “We had two of them going. Okumu is my lead guitarist and I didn’t expect him to play it and I gave him one at the beginning of the session and he played it all the way through the session. So it’s all over it so far. And the next five weeks, I’ve got a lot of guitar work to do and I think it’ll be my main axe.”