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Quentin Tarantino says ‘Bounty Law’ will happen eventually

Continuing to occupy his time appearing on podcasts, TV interviews and general pieces of self-promotion, Quentin Tarantino is going full-steam ahead to promote his novelisation of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Having already released the novelisation of his aforementioned movie in June 2021, Quentin Tarantino has revealed the news that he is also working on a theatrical screenplay for the film whilst discussing the matter on The Big Picture podcast.

Whilst promoting his novel, Tarantino discussed his love of literature, noting his desire to adapt his debut film Reservoir Dogs into a novel sometime in the future. “I can definitely see the idea of a Reservoir Dogs novel,” he said, “That could be really cool” before going on to discuss a brand new original book he has been working on. Revealing the original novel, Tarantino comments: “It’s kinda pulpy. I’ve got a western idea, and I’ve written about two chapters of an original western novel”. 

In every piece of promotional content, Tarantino seems to reveal an exciting nugget of information, from the potential of having Uma Thurman star alongside her real daughter, Maya Hawke in the long-teased Kill Bill 3 to a reported desire to remake First Blood with Adam Driver.

In a discussion with Deadline, however, Tarantino gave a brief update on his series Bounty Law, a spinoff based on the fictional Western series that appears in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Reporting that he had become too preoccupied with his books to start Bounty Law, the filmmaker commented, “I don’t want to do it, now, and I was working on the book, and I’m still working on my cinema book. But I have those episodes written”. 

Stating in the past that he would take on the project regardless if Leonardo DiCaprio was disinterested in taking on the role of Rick Dalton once more, it seems as though the director is determined to make this one happen sometime in the future.

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