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Quentin Tarantino announces ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ stage play

It seems as though Quentin Tarantino may consider his latest film, 2019s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, his magnum opus having brought out a novelisation of the film, as well as announcing a stage play to premiere before the release of his next film. 

“Believe it or not, I’ve written a play version of [Once Upon a Time in Hollywood],” Tarantino reported on the Big Picture podcast, continuing he states that, “I wanted to write a play, and stuff that’s not in the book…I wanted it to exist as a play. And again, I’m able to explore stuff that’s not in the [movie]. The play deals with Italy”.

The plot is due to differ slightly from the 2019 film that explored a faded television actor (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt double (Brad Pitt) as they tried to achieve success in Hollywood’s Golden Age. Instead, describing the plot, Tarantino commented: “The whole second act of the play is [Leonardo DiCaprio’s character] Rick [Dalton] and [Al Pacino’s character] Marvin [Schwarz] having dinner with [spaghetti western director] Sergio Corbucci and Nori Corbucci at their favourite Japanese restaurant in Rome”.

“Rick doesn’t have the part [yet]. Depending on how this dinner goes, means whether Rick is going to be Nebraska Jim or not,” Tarantino continues, revealing that the plot for his stage play will elaborate on existing plotlines from the original film. Intending on directing the play himself, the director has also revealed plans for a final feature film to follow later down the line

Explaining his future prospects, Quentin Tarantino noted, “I mean, we’ll see what happens, but my plan is to do this book, I just did this, then finish the cinema book, then the next thing on the list is to start thinking about the play…I’m not going to think about [my] last movie for a while. I’m doing other things right now”.

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