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Quentin Tarantino once named his favourite war movie of all time

Quentin Tarantino grew up watching all kinds of films, ranging from mainstream sci-fi and horror classics to cult exploitation flicks. The war genre was also an indispensable part of his cinematic diet which influenced his arthouse action sensibilities to a great extent and shaped some of his styles as a filmmaker in later years.

Tarantino ventured into the genre himself when he took on the challenge of making a subversive project about the Second World War. Titled Inglourious Basterds, the film ended up becoming one of the most celebrated additions to his illustrious filmography and is kind of a modern successor to Ernst Lubitsch’s 1942 magnum opus To Be or Not to Be.

When asked about his favourite war film of all time, Tarantino made an interesting pick. He selected Casualties of War – a 1989 classic by the enormously talented Brian De Palma whom Tarantino has often cited as his mentor. The two share a lot of similarities in their respective styles, especially when it comes to the treatment of cinematic violence.

Tarantino said: “My favourite war movie probably is De Palma’s Casualties of War and there’s a scene in here – it happens towards the beginning of the movie – where Sean Penn’s character’s best friend is shot and he’s taking care of him. I really used it when I was doing Reservoir Dogs, not copying it frame by frame or anything but just when I was writing the script emotionally”.

The scene that Tarantino was talking about involved Mr. Orange and Mr. White and this film served as the inspiration for that iconic moment from Tarantino’s breakthrough directorial debut. “[De Palma] really showed me what you could do with cinema,” Tarantino added while claiming that the director of classics such as Carrie was among the finest talents of his generation.

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