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(Credit: Harald Krichel)


Diane Kruger hits back at Quentin Tarantino: "Fuck him"

Diane Kruger is currently preparing for the release of her latest spy thriller The 355 and while promoting her new project, she has taken the opportunity to hit back at Quentin Tarantino and his attitude while making Inglourious Basterds. The 2009 World War-II action flick is regarded as one of Kruger’s breakthrough performances but she does not have fond memories.

For her rendition of a glamorous Allied spy in Inglourious Basterds, Kruger actually picked up a Screen Actors Guild Award among other nominations but the actress recently claimed that the process of joining the production was an arduous one. It was complicated by the fact that Quentin Tarantino was vehemently against the casting of Kruger.

“He auditioned everyone. He didn’t want to audition me because he saw a movie that I was in that he didn’t like,” Kruger explained, while discussing the prejudice Tarantino had against her from the get-go. “So he didn’t believe in me from the get-go. Literally, the only reason he auditioned me is because there was no one left to audition.”

In order to get an audition, Kruger had to fly all the way to Germany which she considered to be a deliberate attempt on his part to sabotage her chances. She decided to ignore all the obvious obstacles and go into the project by saying “fuck him”, choosing to put up with all of Tarantino’s bias just to prove that she had it in her.

Kruger spoke out about what happened on the Josh Smith podcast but on previous occasions, the actress had defended Tarantino when the filmmaker was accused of choking Kruger on the set. Kruger had claimed that everything that happened for the shoot was completely consensual and Tarantino had also clarified that he had explained everything to her as well as asked for her permission.