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Quentin Tarantino's favourite James Bond actor


It’s taken many delayed years to reach its conclusion, but the final film in the Daniel Craig era of James Bond has finally been released, with No Time to Die ending the modern era of the franchise with a surprising flourish. Having delivered an altogether grittier take on the iconic spy hero, Craig’s Bond was a fallible hero, marked with scars and cuts that exposed a fragile underbelly. 

Just four years earlier than the release of Craig’s first film, Casino RoyalePierce Brosnan had surfed his way into his final outing in Die Another Day, which seems now as a puerile act, particularly from Great Britain’s ‘very best secret agent’. As it is, Die Another Day is a strange iced sculpture to the James Bond of old, fit with a diamond-encrusted villain and a scene in which 007 and Bond-girl Miranda Frost (Rosamund Pike) have sex on a bed of ice carved to look like a swan. In an interview with Total Film, Brosnan even said, “You can really give yourself a massive headache and a great amount of stress trying to wangle some sense of believability into it”.

Though perhaps it was this same heightened realism that attracted the unlikely fan Quentin Tarantino who was once close to working with Pierce Brosnan for a brand new James Bond film, as the actor revealed on a live-streaming of Goldeneye for Esquire. Asked on the stream if he’d like to work with Tarantino on a spy movie, Brosnan replied that the director had previously reached out to him, and they had both shared countless Martinis. 

As Pierce Brosnan remembers, “It was after Kill Bill: Vol. 2. He wanted to meet me, so I went up into Hollywood one day. I met him at the Four Seasons…I got there at seven o’clock. I like to be punctual, I’m always punctual. 7.15 came round, no Quentin. He was upstairs doing press on Kill Bill“. As he waited, Brosnan was sent a rather appropriate cocktail, “Someone sent over a Martini, so I had a Martini. And I waited till 7.30. And I thought well, where the heck is he? Word came down — apologies. So, I thought well, I’ll have another Martini”. 

Continuing in his recollection, Brosnan states, “Eventually he came down and he started ordering apple martinis. Well, we were fairly stonkered. I was fairly stonkered”. 

Becoming increasingly inebriated, Quentin Tarantino became considerably animated at the idea of working with Brosnan, “He was pounding the table saying ‘you are the best James Bond, I wanna do James Bond with you.’ It was very close quarters in the restaurant. I said ‘Quentin, please calm down, calm down.’ But you don’t tell Quentin Tarantino to calm down”. 

Unfortunately, although Quentin Tarantino very much “wanted to do James Bond”, Brosnan’s team and the James Bond crew decided against it. What a shame. “That would be a good one to watch,” Brosnan finally concludes.

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