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Quentin Tarantino names his "favourite actor in the world"

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most respected filmmakers of our time, responsible for creating iconic masterpieces such as Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill among many others. A major figure in the world of arthouse action, Tarantino’s stylisations of cinematic violence have been celebrated as piercing reflections of modernity.

Recently, Tarantino announced that he is going to make one final project before he retires from the world of cinema forever. According to him, directors often continue past their prime which inevitably tarnishes their legacy and he wants to avoid that mistake by taking a step back while he is at the top of his game.

Since the industry is well-aware of Tarantino’s final project, many actors have expressed their interest in working with him before he retires. However, Tarantino has his own set of favourites when it comes to actors and he has often championed them during the casting of new projects in the past.

On previous occasions, Tarantino has claimed that Nicolas Cage, Sean Penn and Chris Pine were some of the greatest talents around but he believes that Robert De Niro is “the best actor in the world”. Despite those statements, his personal favourite is actually a longtime collaborator who has been working with Tarantino since the very beginning.

Talking about Reservoir Dogs at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival, Tarantino revealed: “The only person who was pre-cast in the movie was Harvey Keitel. As I told you, we never dreamed we’d be able to get Harvey. Understand, he’s my favourite actor in the world. I don’t mean because I worked with him and he’s a nice guy, and I’ve seen [myself] what he’s capable of.”

When Tarantino was initially planning Reservoir Dogs, he originally thought he would shoot it with his friends but the script somehow reached Keitel who liked it so much that he signed onto the project as a co-producer. The rest of the ensemble cast would soon follow, resulting in the creation of an unforgettable piece of film history.

“I mean I was fifteen years old and I saw him in Taxi Driver and The Duellist,” the director added while praising Keitel. “I’ve seen Harvey’s performance as the terrorist in [James Toback’s] Exposed. Oh, he’s wonderful in that. He give such a wonderful speech about terrorism that he completely convinces you.”

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