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Quentin Tarantino explains the brilliance of Jordan Peele's 'Get Out'


It’s no secret that the influential Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino is a passionate horror fan, despite the filmmaker never delving into the gory genre himself.

This isn’t to say that he has never toyed with the genre, however, with the director imbuing his own sense of terror into the screenplay for Robert Rodriguez’ From Dusk Till Dawn as well as his own Grindhouse splatter movie, Deathproof. This taste for classic horror has gone on to influence the director’s wider filmography, appearing in the incessant violence of Kill Bill and the exploitation western Django Unchained.

Remaining a vocal advocate for the genre’s continuation, Tarantino has previously picked out the likes of The Skin I Live In by Pedro Almodóvar, Audition by Takashi Miike and even the alligator horror Crawl as some of his favourite modern genre flicks. 

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Few of these compare to his love of the influential Jordan Peele horror movie Get Out from 2017, however. When Tarantino sat down with fellow filmmaker Eli Roth, he couldn’t help but talk about the brilliance of the film. 

Explaining why the film struck such a chord with contemporary audiences, Tarantino exclaimed, “I think it was two things. For a Black audience, it was a movie they had never seen before but always wanted to see even though they didn’t know they always wanted to see it. True original movies are that they’re filling a bill that you didn’t know that there was a lack of”.

Starring Daniel Kaluuya, LaKeith Stanfield and Allison Williams, the pertinent socially conscious horror movie told the story of a young black man who goes to visit his white girlfriend’s parents for the weekend, only for a strange mystery to mutate into something far more sinister. Nominated for four Academy Awards in 2017 including for Best Picture, Jordan Peele walked away triumphant from the Oscars with an award for Best Original Screenplay. 

Whilst Tarantino recognises that the movie struck a chord for being ‘the right movie at the right time, he also praises the creativity and ingenuity of director Jordan Peele. “It was just the storytelling involved,” the Deathproof filmmaker explains, adding, “there is a genuine mystery going on in the case of Get Out, until somebody ruins it for you and tells you about everything, you really don’t know where it’s going”. 

Continuing, Tarantino exclaims, “In the case of Get Out you felt you were in good hands. …There was a confidence to the movie that Jordan Peele knows exactly what he’s doing and we’re just gonna have to wait for it”. 

Praising his ability as a storyteller, Tarantino builds a considerable amount of excitement for Jordan Peele’s forthcoming movie, Nope starring Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun and Barbie Ferreira. Continuing in his praise of the director, Tarantino adds, “As a storyteller I think one of the most exciting moments that can happen in a movie theatre with a bunch of strangers is when you feel them watching the movie to such a degree, like really paying attention to it, and then something is revealed that clears up a little something”. 

Concluding his thoughts on the Oscar winner, Tarantino finally states, “He made it fresh, and you know he just deserves all the props for that in the world”.