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(Credit: James Clare)


 PUPPY blast new single ‘Shame’

PUPPY - 'Shame'

The swampy sound of PUPPY has returned in roaring form as the scribbly soundscape of the drenched new single ‘Shame’ has arrived in sombre style. The so-called alternative metal band from London have veered away from thrashing and entered a more atmospheric sound for the single ensuring that apathy has never sounded spookier. 

The track might deal with introspective irks with battling a malaise but despite the blurred lines of the bled-out sound, the tone offered up is anything but a pale shade of grey. In fact, it conversely has something of a Tony Hawks Pro Skater bedroom anthem vibrancy to it. In short, it might be a guttural dirge, but it proves a little too cinematic to wallow in reverb alone.

Maybe it lacks a middle eight or some dynamic splurge to break up the same dogged problem that it sings about, but it nevertheless bottles up something fairly unique with its bedroom-bound purge. 

“‘Shame’ is possibly our favourite song on the album (although they’re all stone-cold rippers),” PUPPY proclaimed. “It marks a big step forward for us creatively in our minds because you’ve still got all the hallmarks of our ‘sound’ (sweet harmony guitars, sad boi lyrics), but set against these big snappy groove between the drums and bass.”

They continued: “We wanted you to be able to blast it out your low rider with the windows down whilst analysing your life choices and maybe crying a bit.”

For those in a rush and in need of a rapid appraisal, then albeit their sound has a touch of the post-punk experiments about it, if you’re a fan of acts like Manchester Orchestra then you may enjoy the almost-secretly melodic ten-tonne atmospheres that PUPPY are blasting out.

The track is from their forthcoming album Pure Evil due for release on May 6th via Rude Records. You can check out the single below.