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(Credit: Pup)


PUP drop the raucous new single 'Totally Fine'

PUP - 'Totally Fine'

Canadian punks, PUP, have released another single from their upcoming album, THE UNRAVELLING OF PUPTHEBAND. Entitled ‘Totally Fine’, it’s a dynamic, off-beat piece, and features some of the best drumming in the band’s back catalogue, which has got us even more excited for the new record.

It sticks to PUP’s formula of slightly off-kilter verses, contrasted with a short but anthemic chorus that pulls you in. Although the path might be well worn for PUP, their formula certainly works. 

“We wrote ‘Totally Fine’ after a long creative drought,” explained the band’s frontman Stefan Babcock in a statement. “We all agreed to take a break from PUP during lockdown, to take some time to deal with our mental health and get some space from each other.”

He admitted: “The drumming on this song still blows our minds. It’s so manic and wild and makes the song feel like it’s about to fall apart at any moment, which is kinda like how it feels to be in PUP.”

Alongside the raucous new track, the band have delivered an insane music video where we see the band members ditch the music industry and become the heads of evil corporations, with Babcock doing his best Steve Jobs impression. 

THE UNRAVELLING OF PUPTHEBAND is scheduled for release on April 1st via BMG/Rise Records and is the follow up to 2019’s celebrated Morbid Stuff. To precede the album’s release, PUP have already released a string of singles: ‘Robot Writes A Love Song’, ‘Matilda’ and ‘Waiting’.

Wasting no time, the Toronto punks will be touring North America next month, which will kick off the same day the album drops. Then in July, they’ll be heading to Australia for a run, before hitting the UK and Ireland in October. 

It’s set to be a significant year for PUP, and if they come to a town near you, they’re not to be missed. 

Watch the video for ‘Totally Fine’ below.