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(Credit: Pup)


PUP share new single ‘Robot Writes A Love Song’

PUP - 'Robot Writes A Love Song'

Toronto-based freak-punkers PUP are back, and they’ve bought a shiny new single with them. ‘Robot Writes A Love Song’ was released this week alongside a surreal music video directed by Whitey McConnaughy. The anthemic new track – perhaps the most strangely touching song I’ve heard this year – comes ahead of the release of THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBAND on April, 1st, 2022 via BMG/Rise Records. Serving as the follow up to 2019’s Morbid Stuff, the new record looks set to be PUP’s most mind-bending album to date.

Recorded and mixed over the course of five weeks last summer, THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBAND was produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Peter Katis from his self-described “bat-filled mansion in Connecticut.” This perfect union has birthed what is surely the most PUP record in the band’s history.

Full to the brim with bizarre, insightful, and undeniably catchy punk anthems, the new album sees PUP push their sound further than ever before. ‘Robot Writes A Love Song’, for example, blends Flaming Lips-esque surrealism, Weezerian concision, and pop-punk hookiness to create something that sounds so fresh you’d be forgiven for thinking it fell to earth from another planet.

Combining their usual punk ferocity with new instruments – piano, synth, and horns – ‘Robot Writes A Love Song’ serves up all manner of unusual textures and atmospheres; its eccentricity only heightened by Stefan Babcock’s masterful lyrics. In just three minutes, he takes us on a journey into the binary-addled mind of a computer, who soon becomes overwhelmed by very real and very uncomfortable human emotions.

The sheer madness of ‘Robot Writes A Love Song’ is unsurprising given that THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBAND was written in isolation. But, as Babcock reveals, the band’s gradual descent into depravity eventually became a source of inspiration: “As the weeks passed, we seemed less and less rational, objective, and sane,” the singer confesses. “You can hear the band start to fall off the cliff, and because of that, I think this record is our truest and most genuine to date. There is nothing more PUP than a slow and inevitable descent into self-destruction.”

You can check out the video for ‘Robot Writes A Love Song’ below alongside the full tracklist for THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBAND.


  1. ‘Four Chords’
  2. ‘Totally Fine’
  3. ‘Robot Writes A Love Song’
  4. ‘Matilda’
  5. ‘Relentless’
  6. ‘Four Chords Pt. II: Five Chords’
  7. ‘Waiting’
  8. ‘Habits’
  9. ‘Cutting Off The Corners’
  10. ‘Grim Reaping’
  11. ‘Four Chords Pt. III: Diminishing Returns’
  12. ‘PUPTHEBAND Inc. Is Filing For Bankruptcy’