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(Credit: Pup)


PUP drop two new songs and announce North American tour

Pup - 'Waiting' / 'Kill Something'

PUP have returned with two new singles. Entitled ‘Waiting’ and ‘Kill Something’, they see the band hit on every key blueprint of theirs, including the anthemic choruses which have earned them legions of fans. Alongside the duo of tracks, they’ve also shared details of their return to the stage.

‘Waiting’ is a slightly jarring piece of pop-punk, it has an almost sludgy, fuzz-driven main riff, but the chorus seems too sugary to throw in afterwards, but this is PUP.

The visualiser perfectly encapsulates the inherently juxtaposed spirit of the song though, with the tank, a famous vehicle of destruction being dressed down with some bright colours and a clown riding it, matching frontman Stefan Babcock’s hilarious lyrics. On the track, there’s flecks of Albany legends Drug Church, just no way near as good. Either way, it’s an off-kilter earworm.

In a statement, Babcock explained that ‘Waiting’ “came about by smashing the heaviest riff Nestor could write, with the simplest, most uplifting chorus I could write, just to see what would happen”.

“The results were very quintessentially PUP,” he continued. “In that, the song is a flurry of darkness and anger through the joyous lens of four guys just happy to be here, four guys who don’t take themselves seriously enough to make music that doesn’t feel like fun, regardless of the subject matter.”

‘Kill Something’ is a fuzzy ballad, and there’s nods to Pinkerton era Weezer and the use of the ’80s sounding synth sounds like Ned Russin’s post-Title Fight project, Glitterer. Featuring the band’s fuzzy guitars, catchy riffs and some textural dissonance, ‘Kill Something’ is certainly the better of the two. The lyric “Just wanna kill something I love” is deliciously emo. The clown on the tank returns for the visualiser, just in different bright colours

A press release revealed that ‘Kill Something’ is about Babcock’s dog, Moose, “who loves to destroy his favourite things, and then is sad that those things are destroyed”.

As well as the duo of tracks, PUP have announced a North American tour kicking off in next April. The shows will mark their first headline shows in over two years. 23 dates have been confirmed with support coming from Pinkshift, Sheer Mag and alt-rock legends, Cloud. Nothings. Tickets are available here.

Listen to ‘Waiting’ and ‘Kill Something’ below.