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Public Access TV - Middle Child


Could new-wave start becoming less old hat? Well, if Brooklynites and constant purveyors of sultry pop Public Access TV are anything to go by then, quite simply, yes. After their initial showing of ‘Monaco’ which had the band brandished the ‘hot new thang’ everyone just had to kill their Grandma to listen to, their latest effort has a little more craftmanship but still the same level of fun. ‘Middle Child’ is Far Out’s Track of the Day.

New wave has somewhat of a shoddy reputation in the UK after following in the footsteps of Punk it seemed trivial and meaningless and to some extent it is. Where the beauty in American New-wave lies is that they had no anti-establishment heroes to pastiche (barring a few bands dotted across the major cities), this leaves the market open for punk’s poppier cousin to croon and schmooze it’s girlfriends into bed.

Public Access TV are the embodiment of the 21st Century New-wave, thrashy yet mellowed guitars that mock bullies rather than throw punches, a melodic beat that beckons teenage lust and sultry lyrics that reek of their adolescent underwear – there’s enough oozy glamour here to oil the hair of every matinee idol this side of The Great Wall.

Obvious comparisons would lead you to The Virgins and their brand of scuzzy synths and dancefloor bruisers and there are some plain similarities but there lies a rougher and gruffer approach at Public Access TV’s heart. Born out of an angst that hits us all when growing up in a dishevelled city with only pixels for company, Public Access TV are making us all get together – one way or another.

Jack Whatley