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(Credit: Press / Rahul Singh)


The Prodigy play their first live show since the death of Keith Flint

The Prodigy have made a triumphant return to the live stage in their first live show since the passing of frontman Keith Flint. Flint died on March 4th, 2019, and the band’s last performance before that date was a month prior, on February 5th in Auckland, New Zealand.

Now though, the band have embarked on a UK headline tour, which they have claimed would be in honour of ‘Flinty’. The tour began last Friday and Saturday (July 8th and 9th) and took place at the O2 Academy in Sheffield.

Prodigy co-founder Liam Howlett opened the gig by telling the crowd, “It’s been a long time fucking coming”. The band then led into set opener ‘Breathe’. During arguably their most well-known tune, ‘Firestarter’, they paid tribute to Flint’s memory by emitting a green laser image of their former singer on stage that moved around to the song’s beat.

The band also played longtime fan favourites’ Voodoo People, ‘Smack My Bitch Up’, ‘Take Me To The Hospital’, ‘Invaders Must Die’ and ‘Omen’. The encore featured an instrumental version of ‘Out Of Space’.

On Saturday, a tweet from the band’s official Twitter account read, “We wanna thank every one of u that came out and supported us, this ment so much to us, the whole place blew the fuk up and it was a night we will never forget. Thankyou for the continued luv and support, we luv all muthafukkas, Now let’s Fukin do it again!”

The tour is scheduled to continue in Liverpool tomorrow night (July 14th) before nights in Leeds, Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester and three nights in London.

On their awaited comeback shows, which were revealed in March this year, The Prodigy stated, “We can’t wait to get back onstage to play our tunes for the people again. The 25th anniversary of ‘Fat Of The Land’ felt like the right time for us to step up. We’ll be droppin tunes from all our albums and maybe some shit u haven’t heard before. This one’s for Flinty…Now let’s fuckin go!”

In Sheffield, the Prodigy played the following:

  • ‘Breathe’
  • ‘Omen’
  • ‘Wild Frontier’
  •  ‘Light Up The Sky’
  • ‘Climbatize’ (Link with Warrior’s Dance samples)
  • ‘Everybody In the Place’
  • ‘Voodoo People’
  • ‘Champions Of London’
  • ‘Their Law’
  • ‘Omen’ (Reprise)
  • ‘Firestarter’ (Partial instrumental remix with Keith Flint laser outline)
  • ‘Roadblox’
  • ‘No Good (Start The Dance)’
  • ‘Poison’
  • ‘Get Your Fight On’
  • ‘Need Some1’
  • ‘Smack My Bitch Up’


  • ‘We Live Forever’
  • ‘Take Me To The Hospital’
  • ‘Invaders Must Die’
  • ‘Out Of Space’ (Instrumental)