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(Credit: Alamy)


Hear Prince and Slayer combined for mash-up 'Crazy Black Magic'

YouTube mashup artist Bill McClintock has unveiled their latest video, combining the works of Slayer and Prince in a hybrid video. By combining elements of Prince’s ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ with Slayer’s ‘Black Magic’, McClintock has put together a re-mix tellingly re-named as ‘Crazy Black Magic’.

Slayer has long formed a part of McClintock’s muse. The YouTube artist used ‘Raining Blood’ segments alongside aspects of The B-52s ‘Rock Lobster’ in an exercise released as ‘Raining Lobsters’ by the SLAY-52s.

The voice of Slayer frontman Tom Araya cements ‘Crazy Black Magic’, and the musician can be heard growling over Prince‘s jaunty keyboard hook. Furthering the analogy, McClintock pieced together a memento, bringing the two disparate voices together, as if watching them performing on-stage together. 

For McClintock, the art of melding two videos together is one he takes very seriously, and the process is ultimately as important to him as the product is. “Trying to find two compatible songs takes a really long time,” McClintock revealed. “You would think that the more you do, the easier it gets. However, I think that it has gotten more difficult – my standards are higher. For example, if a song is 95% compatible, but there is this one thing I don’t like. There’s no way to edit around it, it wouldn’t sound right if I tried changing it, so I have to go to some other combination.”

Like many creative endeavours, there are hurdles he needs to climb over: “That part of it is so frustrating, it’s incredibly frustrating. You want to have the match and get into the editing right away, because that’s where it’s really fun, when you start to put it together and hear what it sounds like – that’s awesome. “

McClintock likens editing to a pastime enjoyed by many all over Britain and Ireland: “It’s like you’re going fishing, you sit there all day, day after day you get nothing. But then once you’ve found that match, and they sound so good together, it makes it worth it, to the point where I want to keep doing it.”

Stream the creation, below.